Image of a phone and on the screen is a popcorn bag with the POP'd logo and tagline "a ticket to snack perfection" spilling popcorn. In the background behind the phone there is also spilled popcorn.Image of a phone and on the screen is a popcorn bag with the POP'd logo and tagline "a ticket to snack perfection" spilling popcorn. In the background behind the phone there is also spilled popcorn.


The app that makes movie snacking easy as a flick!

This case study explores the creation of an innovative mobile app designed to revolutionize the movie theatre snacking experience. The project not only involved developing a user-friendly app for ordering snacks seamlessly but also crafting a vibrant and engaging brand that resonates with moviegoers. Join me as we delve into the design process, from initial concept to final product, and discover how user experience principles were applied to enhance the movie-snacking experience.


The project involved designing a mobile app that enhances the movie-going experience by allowing users to conveniently order snacks from their smartphones and pick them up at the theatre's counter. The goal was to streamline the snack-ordering process, reduce wait times, and improve overall customer satisfaction. The app's design focused on simplicity, ease of use, and seamless integration with the theatre's existing systems. Through user research, iterative design, and usability testing, the app was tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of moviegoers, ultimately enhancing their overall movie-watching experience.


UX Designer
UX Researcher
Visual Brand/UI Designer

Project Type

Google UX Design Certificate Program


Affinity Designer
Adobe Photoshop

Problem Statement

Movie theatres are in need of a solution that improves the snack-ordering experience by making it more accessible and user-friendly for all patrons. Current methods are often cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to frustration. The goal is to create a seamless and inclusive ordering process that enhances the overall movie-watching experience for everyone.

Initial User Research

As part of the initial research I headed to the movies to interview moviegoers about their experience.

Research Goals

Target Audience

Interview Questions


I interviewed four moviegoers about their experience ordering food on mobile apps and at the movies. I found that the following things were important to them:



After analyzing the data collected from the interviews, I prepared personas to empathize with the user

Image of a user persona for a woman named Ameera Sloan.
Image of a user persona for a man named Fernando Luna.

Competitive Audit

I did a competitive audit on three competitors with the goal of comparing the user experience for purchasing snacks on the competitor's apps or websites. After identifying where the competitors did well and also where they fell short, I was able to make an informed decision on how to design a product that fills the gaps in the market. I identified the following opportunities:

Telling the Story

Image of the user flow a user would take to order movie snacks on an app.

This user flow is a product of empathizing with the user and synthesizing the insights from the competitive audit. Once I determined the steps that the user would need to take to place a movie snack order and before I jumped into creating wireframes, I created the following storyboards to further understand the journey of the personal, Ameera. As she is a mother who often takes her busy twin girls to the movies on her own, I wanted to understand what steps she would take in deciding to use the app to order snacks and also how she would navigate the process of using the app.

A big picture storyboard illustrating Ameera deciding to place an order for movie snacks on an app and following her through the process of ordering, skipping the line and enjoying the movie and snacks with her daughters.
A close-up storyboard showing the phone screen while Ameera orders movie snacks. The storyboard shows each screen as she goes through the process of opening the app to placing the order.

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